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Blu-ray sales outpacing expectations

Blu-ray sales outpacing expectations

In case you were worried about the success of Blu-ray Disc, there is news you may find pleasing. Adams Media Research has determined that Blu-ray player sales (including the Sony Playstation 3) were three-times greater in 2008 than in 2007. This in spite of the recession.

Blu-ray software is selling at a brisk pace, and accelerating. For the first time, the month of October 2008 saw two-million disc sales. This increased to eight-million in December. Adams estimates 24.09 million discs were sold in 2008, and over 30 million since launch.

household_penetration_after_3_yearsHousehold penetration of Blu-ray players is about 8% after less than three years on shelves. For comparison: Compact Disc had only 4% penetration and Color TV only 3% after the same time span.

The most requested electronics item for high-def owners this past holiday season was a Blu-ray player. HDTV owners prefer Blu-ray to digital download 10-to-1. Even in the midst of the worst economic climate in decades, Blu-ray is a viable technology and will exist for years to come.

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