Business Bets on Technology in Las Vegas at PegaWorld 2018

Do you love to place bets on your favorite games? We are sure you aren’t alone. Sports betting has become more popular than ever, enabling people to place bet on everything from football, baseball, hockey to horse racing.

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Yet, betting isn’t for sports enthusiasts alone. Businesses look forward to it too, to maximize profits. And for that to happen, they need to bet on the right technologies that they want to use in their workplace. In recent years, you have everything from a CRM to IoT that can help to significantly boost productivity and help businesses to do more.

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Business Bets on Technology: The PegaWorld 2018 Conference

PegaWorld 2018 is the annual user conference of the Pegasystems. It is in this conference that different companies from all over the world send their representatives to learn about the latest and the most efficient update in the Pega applications that help the company to run their business. PegaWorld 2018 geared towards different industries, different products, different technologies and was also a host to the hot topics.

It is estimated that more than 5000 people flew to the Vegas, as soon as the word got across how the event was one where they could discuss and bet on technology. The gamble of technology at PegaWorld 2018 is specifically on Artificial intelligence (AI) and robots. It talks about how robots and AI could help businesses do more, bring in new processes and even then, need more human resources.

The focus perhaps was on robots – not one like in Star Wars – but what is otherwise known as Robotic Process Automation (RPA). To the uninitiated, it is a software that kind of takes care of the routine tasks performed by the computer.

About the Event

The speakers at various session throughout the conference were worth listening to. The starting statement by Alan Trefer, the founder of and CEO of Pega, stated how his vision was to explore what’s really possible, and it made up the entire flow of the conference.

Pega’s VP of Product Marketing at the PegaWorld 2018 stated just how ‘advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic’ when discussing about fears people have regarding technology.

There were further discussions and talks about the ‘Privacy Revolution’ emerging in various parts of the world.

The PegaWorld 2018 was not only a conference but also a thought-provoking event in itself. It was a get together of tech enthusiasts with different views and opinions.

A Look at the Future

Technology is governed by ethical and moral beliefs for many. While the contradicting views of the different sections of the society on technology continue but we certainly see a change in the mindset. The leaders in the world today are coming forward and taking the lead to employing technology in the best way – as they believe it’s what will drive everything from employment to economies forward while making lives easier for all.

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