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CES: Slew of full-profile Blu-ray players announced

CES: Slew of full-profile Blu-ray players announced

CES PredictionsFollowing up on a few more predictions, Blu-ray manufacturers are en-masse announcing BD1.1 and BD 2.0 players. Panasonic has so far shown a new BD2.0 “BD-Live enabled” player, the DMP-BD50 (no MSRP stated).

Sharp announced the BD1.1 player named BD-HP50U. Samsung showed the BDP-1500, the fourth-generation player featuring BD1.1 ready for June. And Funai (who has yet to release a player) announced the NB500 series BD1.1 player.

Interestingly, Philips (who I forgot all about during my predictions) also announced a BD1.1 player for $349. The BDP7200 will retail in April. At this press conference it was mentioned that Target was going Blu-ray exclusive. I think this might have been reference to Target’s previous announcement about the past holiday season.

I’m eagerly waiting for Wesley’s new CES reporting.

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  1. on 07 Jan 2008 at 10:41 AM 1.Wesley Novack said …

    Thanks Steve. I’ll try to get some photos of all these new Blu-ray players and post a followup piece.

    I will also be attending the Blu-ray press event later today, which should be interesting.

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