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Criterion Collection joins Hulu Plus

Criterion Collection joins Hulu Plus

Hulu logoThis morning I was watching a TV program on Hulu and the advertisement which played before the content was for The Criterion Collection. I thought that was interesting. And then the ad ended saying it was now available to Hulu Plus subscribers.

Now that’s compelling.

The complete collection is available only on Hulu Plus. (I have noticed recently that Criterion titles have been appearing on Netflix instant recently, so I assume Netflix won’t have the full collection.) Hulu has the rights to over 800 of the films in their library, and over 150 of them are available now, with more to come each month.


The Criterion Collection restores the finest films ever made, and releases them in the highest quality available on each medium. Among the library are films from directors such as Antonioni, Bergman, Bresson, Bunuel, Chabrol, Chaplin, Clouzot, Cocteau, Dreyer, Eisenstein, Fassbinder, Fellini, Godard, Kaurismaki, Kieslowski, Kurosawa, Lang, Malle, Ozu, Renoir, Tati, Truffaut, Varda, and Welles.

A few of the titles now available include The 400 Blows, L’Avventura, The Battle of Algiers, Breathless, La Jetée, Jules and Jim, M, Pickpocket, Playtime, Rashomon, Seven Samurai, La Strada, and The Wages of Fear. And that’s just to get started. Coming soon are Le Silence de la Mer, the extended filmography of Kenji Mizoguchi, early Chaplin shorts, L’Assassin Habite au 21 and much, much more.

Also from The Criterion Collection, the supplemental features for all of the titles, including commentaries, documentaries, interviews, original trailers, essays, and more.

Because this is from a Hulu Plus paid subscription, there will be no ads interjected into the movies. And for only $7.99 a month, I’m very tempted to up to Hulu Plus. And with Hulu Plus on my PlayStation 3, I wouldn’t have to stream Hulu on my laptop.

Does the addition of the Criterion Collection entice you into considering a Hulu Plus subscription?

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