Blu-ray Steven Kippel on 29 May 2008

Denon offers lower-cost Blu-ray player

Denon offers lower-cost Blu-ray player

Late last year Denon delivered two high-end Blu-ray Disc players to a series of scoffs. They were both priced well over $1,000 with the more expensive at $1,999. This week Denon, a D&M Holdings company, showed the new DVD-1800BD at the more affordable $749.

This new player sports HDMI 1.3a with obligatory Deep Color and Bonus View as well as handling all advanced audio codecs. It’s not clear if its BD2.0 compliant, but it does apparently support internet content like subtitles, camera angles, games and more so it may be BD-Live capable.

The DVD-1800BD is a “Blu-ray Disc Transport” player so it only has two-channel analog audio outputs. It is meant to be used with next-generation A/V receivers.

Denon DVD-3800BCDI

The DVD-1800BD will join the existing line of players. These are the DVD-3800BCDI and DVD-2500BTCI at $1,999 and $999 respectfully. The DVD-3800BCDI is a fully-featured player with all the bells and whistles including 7.1 analog outputs, but remains a BD1.1 player. The DVD-2500BTCI is a transport player with zero analog outputs, it has an HDMI output and RS232 and IR inputs for control.

This is a pretty solid lineup of players. All us average folks need not apply.

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