Don't waste your time with petitions

Don’t waste your time with petitions

Don’t Trust The InternetFor some reason some other news websites are reporting on certain online petitions urging Warner to continue support for HD DVD. Don’t waste your time. There is no way to ensure that every signature is unique so it means nothing. And if you read the signatures you have a few from “Michael Bay,” “Michael Jackson,” and a myriad of other obvious joke names. Hell, I could start an online petition urging Warner to drop HD DVD immediately and have tens of thousands of names on it in minutes. If I printed out the list it might be as think as my local phone book.

The fact that these news sources even report on something so obviously manipulatable really brings their integrity into question. Why not just report on anonymous online polls conducted on random blogs? Some of them show HD DVD more popular than Blu-ray even – but that proves nothing.

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4 Comments on “Don't waste your time with petitions”

  1. Your blogs smacks of total fanboy, did you get a ps3 for christmas? If the truth be told , both formats are doing badly.

    What I can never understand is how online super-nerds like yourself can go to such great lengths to champion a brand that doesn’t give two shits about you. Its like you have been told to support BluRay by the word of God or something.

    I know its off topic but i just want to know why people get themselves in to a situation where they feel they have to support a games console or media format as if it were a religion.

  2. Who’s supporting what? Your post is nonsensical. Did you just read one post? How can you judge someone you’ve never met?

    I guess I’m used to this, I was just accused of being an HD DVD fanboy so why not be called a Blu-ray fanboy as well. I guess it balances everything out that way.

  3. I thought the comment from “David S” was pretty funny.

    We cover both HD DVD and Blu-ray on this blog. Steve has been excellent in maintaining a neutral tone with his articles.

    I tend to call it how I see it, so I’m surprised *I* haven’t been called a fan-boy more often. Although I did get one HD DVD “fan-boy” that was not happy with my coverage of the HD DVD CES booth, even though they had nothing new to show…

  4. Yeah, I deliberately try to be as neutral as possible, but some people will accuse people they don’t know of being Nazis on the internet without ever discussing politics or race at all, so it doesn’t surprise me.

    I mean, never on this site have I ever endorsed any brand, championed any cause other than moderation. Some people just can’t deal with people on the internet without turning them into some strawman.

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