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Escient discontinues Vision series

Escient discontinues Vision series

Escient has long been a leader in media servers for home theaters and multi-room audio. The market is changing however, and I have confirmed that Escient did indeed discontinue their Vision series media server system.

Citing a change in technology and customer trends, the line which has been on the market for less than a year has been discontinued as Escient shifts gears and new products. A new line of products is hinted at with support for HD, and access to HD content, as well as integration into new products (most likely the iPod). The good news is they plan on announcing the new line before CES in January.


Escient is far and away the best selling media server on the market, so this news is another reminder how the market has shaken up over the past year. Consumers don’t want to touch “old technology,” so they want Blu-ray Disc, digital downloads, and iTunes sync.

This news came as quiet a suprize to me as Escient recently slashed the prices of their popular Fireball series media library system, and I assumed it was to make room for Vision as heir apparent. When I heard Vision was canceled I wondered what they have left if Fireball and Vision are both gone. We shall see later this year.

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