HD DVD player promotion $100 instant rebate

HD DVD player promotion $100 instant rebate
A new Toshiba press release provides details on a new $100 instant rebate on the purchase of Toshiba HD DVD standalone players. This promotion is strategically timed for the Father’s Day holiday and the apperance of The Matrix trilogy on HD DVD, which is being released on May 22nd.

– From May 20 through June 9, movie enthusiasts that purchase an HD-A2 HD
DVD player will receive a $100 in-store instant rebate.

– From June 10 through June 16, consumers that purchase any Toshiba HD DVD
player will receive a $100 in-store instant rebate. For individuals
seeking the complete home theater package, an HD DVD player can be
purchased with any Toshiba 42″ (measured diagonally) or larger HDTV for
a $200 in-store instant rebate.

5 Free HD DVD’s are still included
Along with the $100 instant discount, Toshiba is still offering FIVE free HD DVD’s (after mail-in) with the purchase of one of their HD DVD players. All of these promotions combined along with the release of the Matrix trilogy make it EXTREMELY tempting for any High Definition fan to go out and buy an HD DVD player. Rumor is that Amazon.com will also be participating in this promotion. If so, consumers will be able to purchase the Toshiba HD-A2 at $210 ($310 – $100 instant rebate) and the HD-A20 for $260 ($360 – $100 instant rebate) on Amazon. You can read the full press release here.

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