DVD Fab Decrypter is now DVD Fab HD Decrypter

DVD Fab Decrypter is now DVD Fab HD Decrypter

Checking the DVD Fab website today, I noticed that DVD Fab Decrypter has been discontinued. DVD Fab Decrypter has been rolled into DVD Fab HD Decrypter. This means that you can rip and decrypt all your DVD’s, HD DVD’s and Blu-ray discs using one free-ware utility. The combination of both products make sense from a development standpoint, as now there will be only one software package to update instead of two.

Update to the latest DVD Fab HD Decrypter
If you are running a beta version of DVD Fab Decrypter or an older version, you might not have been notified of the latest update, even if you are using the “Check for new version automatically” option, which is enabled with the default installation. I had one PC running an old beta 5 version of the software, and an automatic update notification was not appearing.


As of this posting, the latest version is DVD Fab HD Decrypter, which was released on 05/12/2007. Download the latest version here to ensure the best performance of your DVD Fab HD Decrypter software.

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