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Home appliances to get DLNA

Home appliances to get DLNA

The Digital Living Network Alliance announced today they will be providing network compatibility to home appliances such as microwaves and toasters. The new DLNA feature on a dishwasher, for example, will be able to send updates to the user’s other DLNA devices, such as the Xbox 360 or Playstation 3.

This revolutionary new feature will now allow your toaster oven to send Twitter updates to all of your friends when your mini pizza is ready; you can enable popups on your DLNA compatible HDTV to inform you when the ice maker is ready with more ice.

fridgetvAnother exciting feature is the new iPhone app from which you can change the settings of your Samsung washing machine and dryer. Available on the iTunes App Store, the DLNA Home Appliance app is easy to set up, and gives you the benefit of always staying connected to your space heater no matter where you go.

The spokesperson for DLNA, Carl Sanchez, said this new network connectivity “finally brings us the ‘home of the future’ we were promised so long ago.”

When I was a child I remember visiting Disneyland’s Tomorrow Land and seeing hundreds of durable goods which cleaned themselves, and talked to you. While you still have to use Formula 409 and elbow grease to clean them, we’re one step closer to having a microwave which talks to you.

Also hinted at in the announcement were future plans to integrate a Network Attached Storage device to faucets and toilets to monitor use.

It’s a brave new world.

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