Hulu abandons Facebook auto-share

Hulu abandons Facebook auto-share

Because everyone wants to know what you’re watching at all times, Hulu locked your Facebook profile into their account to auto-share what you watch with your friends. But now Hulu has removed that feature because … well, Hulu doesn’t explain why they’re doing this, they just make it sound like a giant bummer and try to talk you down because you’re really going to miss sharing your Sabrina the Teenage Witch viewing history.

Hulu would like you to know they “apologize for any inconvenience caused by the change,” because not sharing every video clip of Ancient Alien Question with your extended family and school acquaintances is such a downer. How else will I be able to automatically tell my co-workers I’m watching Girls Just Want to Have Fun at work?

Can I still share Hulu videos on Facebook?

“Of course!” Hulu copywriters exclaim, not realizing the most popular videos on their site are what 11-year-old boys are watching because their parents have an adult content blocker. Every video has a “facebook” [sic] button below the video so when you’re disappointed Orgasm Inc. wasn’t auto-shared to your 6th grade teacher you can still “share directly to your news feed, through a private message, or on a friend’s timeline.” If documentaries aren’t your thing, you will “see the Facebook icon when you hover over the video” while watching Good Dick or Tokyo Playboy Club.

Is there a way to automatically share watched videos?

No. Neither Naked Fear nor The Naked Island will be shared after watching 30 minutes of it before realizing it’s not what you expected. You will have to manually share with the “facebook” [sic] button.

Why is this feature being removed?

Because nobody wants their friends to know they watched two seasons of Reba in one afternoon. Because The New Normal exists. Because Hulu wants to incorporate “better ways to help share your favorite TV and movie moments.”

When will this change take effect?

“The automatic social sharing feature will be removed from on July 18th.” So make sure to watch as much One Piece and Bob’s Burger as you can now so everyone knows you’re cool. After the 18th you can safely turn your brain to mush watching Sea Patrol and Air Wolf with 100% confidentiality.

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