Increase DVD rip speed with MediaCodeSpeedEdit

Increase DVD rip speed with MediaCodeSpeedEdit
IncreaseDVDRipSpeedYesterday I posted a “Fast DVD Copy Guide“, which explains how you can use the MediaCodeSpeedEdit tool to increase the ripping speeds of your DVD burner. But just how is this “increase DVD read speed” feature calculated for each DVD burner model? We asked the developer ala42 and he explained exactly how it works.

Increase DVD rip speed explained
That depends from model to model:

– Benq drives have no riplock, so this is a plain read speed patch.

– The Pioneer patch is a riplock patch for the Buffalo firmwares.

– The NEC patch is a riplock patch.

– The LG Renesas patch is a riplock patch and also a read speed patch for drives that read slow.

For the LG 4163/4167 the speeds are changed to
DVD+R/-R 6.8x start/16.2x end/12.2 average
DVD+RW-RW/+R9 5.2x start/12x end/9.5 average
DVDROM-DL 5.2x start/12x end/9.5 average

The newer drives could reach these speeds with stock firmware.

– The LG Panasonic patch is a riplock patch.

The new read speed limit was tested on some drives with cdspeed TRTs.

Big thanks to ala42 for providing this information. Increase your DVD copy speeds today with MediaCodeSpeedEdit tool. It’s the easiest way to increase your DVD rip speeds. If you need help, follow my guide.

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