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Japan: Blu-ray recorders outselling DVD

Japan: Blu-ray recorders outselling DVD

Blu-rayDiscWhile set-top DVD recorders never really took off Stateside, they are the preferred player in the Japanese market. This is apparently shifting to Blu-ray Disc now.

GfK Retail and Technology revealed this week that Japan Blu-ray Disc recorder (BDR) sales surpassed DVD recorder sales for the first week of November, reaching over 50% of combined recorder sales. (GfK tracks point-of-sale data internationally.) Comparatively, Blu-ray recorders only managed approximately 10% of the market back in October of 2007.

Perhaps even more impressive is the speed at which Blu-ray adoption is occurring in the land of the rising sun. DVD recorders are being replaced by Blu-ray at over 1.5-times the pace than when VCRs were replaced by DVD.

Spurring the adoption of Blu-ray is lower cost of high-definition televisions as well as lower entry-price into BDRs. It has now become affordable to record home video on high-def.

Source: GameDaily

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