Kaleidescape: Blu-ray player on track for 2009

Kaleidescape: Blu-ray player on track for 2009

Kaleidescape CEO Michael Malcolm announced the planned release of a Blu-ray Disc player by the end of 2009. This comes a year after the company first announced the development of their Blu-ray initiative.

The “Blue-Laser Player” will have the same appearance as the Kaleidescape 1080p Player. It will be compatible with all current Kaleidescape Systems.

There was a bit of confusion over the Blu-ray player. Would it store the content or just play the discs? Malcolm cleared this up saying, “It will import DVDs and CDs, but initially it will not be possible to import Blu-ray Discs. We remain optimistic that in the future we will be able to automatically update all Blue-Laser Players with a KEAOS software release that will enable the import of Blu-ray Discs.”


Reading the announcement we come across a very interesting question and answer: “Will the studios charge me a fee for importing a Blu-ray Disc?” Answer: “Maybe.” That’s it. That’s the full answer. I would hope you wouldn’t have to pay a fee to backup a Blu-ray Disc you already paid $30 for. But Kaleidescape does do everything “by the books” so I imagine they’re working with the studios and studio representatives (MPAA, et al) to make this work.

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