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Logitech Revue promoted by Kevin Bacon

Logitech Revue promoted by Kevin Bacon

Logitech_logoLogitech’s implementation of Google TV, called the Revue, has a very funny ad campaign going on featuring Kevin Bacon. I wouldn’t normally waste your time with it if it wasn’t so funny.

The ad features Kevin Bacon playing the part of the most obsessed Kevin Bacon fan ever, with a house full of Kevin Bacon paraphernalia. He even does a hilarious impression of himself. He uses the Revue to pull up videos of Kevin Bacon online, including YouTube clips and Footloose.

[youtube qyQb192-CPQ]

Will I run out and buy a Logitech Revue because of it? Probably not. I’m disappointed with Google TV so far. The concept is great, but the interface is too jumbled, and Google didn’t bother gaining approval from enough content sources.

But it does remind me that Kevin Bacon is a great guy doing a lot of good in the world.

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