DVD &Entertainment Steven Kippel on 14 Sep 2009

Microsoft and Tesco collaborate on virtual DVD

Microsoft and Tesco collaborate on virtual DVD

Digital delivery of movies have fallen short of the DVD experience due to a lack of added features. Microsoft and retail giant Tesco have teamed up to fix this disparity with what they are calling “virtual DVD.” The new delivery service is built on Microsoft Silverlight technology, adding interactive features to online video, including the bonus features included on the DVD.

Tesco, the second most profitable retailer behind Walmart, will allow customers in the United Kingdom, who purchase certain home video titles, to download a digital copy beginning in the autumn. The digital copy will feature exclusive content including online movie viewing parties with chat, MP3s, ring tones, and games.


There is no announcement for US customers, but Tesco is growing their presence Stateside, and I doubt this is a worldwide exclusive anyway so Microsoft can be working with other retailers to implement this program here.

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