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Mitsubishi LaserVue up against Pioneer Kuro

Mitsubishi LaserVue up against Pioneer Kuro

The clash of the titans, so to speak, The Tech Lounge has a side-by-side review of the Mitsubishi LaserVue DLP rear-projection and the Pioneer Kuro plasma. While the Panasonic Viera plasma should be included in a serious comparison, this is the first instance of a third-party review of both side-by-side.

The Pioneer Elite PRO-151FD 60″ plasma display was pitted against the Mistubishi LaserVue 65″ with a Panasonic DMP-BD30K Blu-ray player as the source. They didn’t use a distribution amplifier, instead switching the HDMI manually from one set to the other.

They did use standard video settings in the menu without further tweaking of the image, so it isn’t a conclusive report. ISF calibrated displays will perform to the best of their abilities. This may have an affect on the final photographs they captured. They also don’t mention how the photos were taken, and with still photos the plasma’s automatic burn-in protection may skew the detail a bit.

The Tech Lounge LaserVue v. Kuro test

In conclusion, they determined the LaserVue beat the Kuro in color saturation, especially in the reds department. It did have the sparkle inherent with DLP displays (for those that notice such things), and the viewing angle is about what you can expect from an RPTV. So the Kuro bests the LaserVue in viewing angles and contrast.

I’m interested to see what the LaserVue will do with a proper calibration.

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