Mitsubishi promoting 3D video gaming

Mitsubishi promoting 3D video gaming

It’s been around for a while, but it’s now being pushed to retail with much more resources behind it. 3D gaming had originally been relegated to funky virtual reality booths at the country fair. More recently NVIDIA had developed the GeForce FX Go graphics processor to bring 3D gaming to PCs at home.

Unfortunately this hadn’t caught on with gamers. Very few monitors were compatible with the stereoscopic technology.

With the recent advent of Mitsubishi’s 3D capable DLP displays, there is now a newfound push for 3D gaming. Mitsubishi is teaming up with NVIDIA and Aspen Media Products to display 3D games at Fry’s Electronics and other A/V specialty retailers.

Mitsubishi LaserVue - Photo by GizmodoThe display will feature a Mitsubishi DLP HDTV with an Aspen Media Products Windows Media Center with a 2.4GHz AMD dual-core processor, 2GB of RAM, 1.5TB hard drive storage, and the NVIDIA GeForce 8800GTX video processor. This Media Center retails for about $1,999. It run on the Microsoft Windows Vista operating system to make use of DirectX 10 features.

Because every GeForce series 7 or higher video cards support NVIDIA’s stereophonic technology, Mitsubishi is aiming at the existing market to proliferate 3D gaming.

This may be a last-ditched effort to save DLP technology, or it may just be the future of home entertainment.

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Photo by Gizmodo

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8 Comments on “Mitsubishi promoting 3D video gaming”

  1. The LaserVue TVs are DLP technology with a laser light engine.

    I actually like DLP. At least the 3-chip DLP projectors. Very natural colors, and good blacks.

  2. Just back from CEDIA 2008 in Denver. I saw some great systems and media servers this year. My plan was to check all the great Home Automation systems this year and see what Microsoft was doing with Vista Media Center.

    Well I got lucky and was directed to checkout Aspen Media Products by their 3D partner Mitsubishi. Mitsubishi was demonstrating their 73″ DLP 3D TV. Aspen provided the media server that pushed both the 3D movie and 3D gaming capability.

    I visited their booth at the show, and was shocked by what they had to offer. Aspen Media Products not only provided 3D capable media servers, but they also provided full whole home automation and complete digital media management through their product lines using Vista Media Center.

    I met with Tony Ross their COO, and was led through a complete Home Automation product demo and an another amazing 3D demo again. Tony stated, “We have combined leading edge technology with what our customers in the CEDIA channel have been demanding into an affordable and reliable media server… Our goal is to build a quality product that the masses of Middle America can afford.”

    The surprising thing was, that Aspen not only made some nice looking boxes, but the internal specs of all their products were the best I ran across during the show. The systems were also priced at unbelievable price point for everything they delivered when compared to their competition.

    I did checkout Crestron and AMX you made some awesome held remotes. They poured a ton money into their CEDIA booths this year as always.

    Signing off…

  3. Hit both Aspen Media Products and Niveus web sites today.

    AMP has a large array of products, home automation packages, movie and music packages, and media servers. I was very curious so I contacted their office regarding pricing.

    They carry both a Professional (Dealer) Line and Consumer Line of products. I was amazed at the pricing and the price points built in for the Dealers. In some cases up to 40 points.

    I inquired about their prices compared to their competition, they replied they couldn’t comment on how their competitors price their products, but they attempt to produce an high quality, highly reliable systems, and every family could afford.

    From what I can see and based upon the internal specifications, they succeeded.

    I visited the Niveus site. I love the fins. They have some unique looking boxes. I called them, they would get into their pricing, but said a Sales Rep. would call me later. I know from my pass experience they make some nice systems. I’m curious about the internal specs and I would love to do a side-by-side comparison with the AMP systems.


  4. “Mitsubishi is teaming up with NVIDIA and Aspen Media Products to display 3D games at Fry’s Electronics and other A/V specialty retailers.”

    In regards to this statement in the article has anyone actually scene such a display model, If so can you post information. I called Fry’s in Oxnard and they didn’t even know what I was talking about.

  5. I found the system at the Fry’s in Irvine CA. It actually works and a pretty good looking system. For the price of the media server and 73″ Mits it’s a great buy.

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