Blu-ray &Hardware Steven Kippel on 19 Nov 2008

More sub-$200 Blu-ray players

More sub-$200 Blu-ray players

Last night I was at Costco and discovered they have three Blu-ray Disc player models for sale. One each from Sony, Samsung and Philips. The Sony and Samsung were mid-$200, but the Philips player is at $199. This is not a sale!

A lot of people had doubts about the prices of players coming down. A lot of this came from HD DVD expatriates who said there was no incentive for Blu-ray to drop their prices now that HD DVD is no longer competition. Clearly market forces show that where there are multiple companies in one market there is inherent competition, even without a competing market (which ad no competition because there was one HD DVD player manufacturer).

Philips at Costco

Now with players regularly priced below $200 we can expect an uptick in Blu-ray software sales as well. And this says nothing of the sales coming up for the holiday season.

Walmart is now said to be selling the Magnavox Blu-ray player on Black Friday for $128, the lowest price yet! Sure it’s not as low as the $99 fire sale of HD DVD players towards the end of the line, but we’re getting closer and closer to affordable Blu-ray players for everyone!

But lets hear from you. At what price did Blu-ray become worth it to you, or where would it need it to be? Will companies start phasing out DVD players next year?

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