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Moxi adds multi-room support

Moxi adds multi-room support

The Emmy award-winning Moxi DVR from Diego can now playback recorded HD content to a second room with the new Moxi Mate.

The Moxi HD DVR is a third-party cable set-top receiver with a simple user interface, and many other features, like video streaming from Netflix, Hulu and YouTube, photos from Flickr, and Rhapsody music. The 500GB hard drive stores up to 75 hours of HD content.

The Moxi Mate is a small set-top box that can playback the recorded content, as well as stream the internet video.

You can buy the Moxi HD DVR for $799 with no monthly subscription fee (unlike TiVo), and the Moxi Mate is $399, or you can buy them both together for $999.


What I would like to see is the HD DVR sharing content, otherwise the Mate is only good in a room you would otherwise not have a cable box in. However you can watch basic cable real time, and recorded shows on the Moxi so it is still a cool feature.

Moxi is more expensive than TiVo initially, so look at the different features and see what works best for you. Their strongest hand is the user interface. It is probably the best interface I’ve ever seen, but this is subjective.

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