Entertainment &Online Video Steven Kippel on 15 Oct 2013

Netflix makes push to cable boxes

Netflix makes push to cable boxes

Netflix has long been trying to integrate their streaming video platform into cable boxes, but the cable operators have resisted because Netflix is viewed as a threat to their video-on-demand revenue stream. But TiVo is now helping Netflix get established on cable set-top boxes.

TiVo is an important partner in this endeavor because regional cable operators such as Cox, Suddenlink, RCN, Atlantic and Charter rely on TiVo to provide DVR services. Atlantic Broadband was the first to deploy TiVo set-top boxes under the name Roamio. These boxes integrate faster processors that allow users to load Netflix service alongside traditional cable television.

Cable companies seem to be opening to the idea of providing Netflix as a service to sell their broadband internet. Instead of fighting the largest internet subscription streaming service, using it as a tool to draw in customers.

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