Online Video Wes Novack on 20 Aug 2010

Netflix thinks you're a pirate if you cancel

Netflix thinks you’re a pirate if you cancel

A friend of mine recently canceled his Netflix subscription because he didn’t use it much. While going through the motions to cancel his account, he was prompted with a customer exit survey, which is no surprise as Netflix is known for doing lots of surveys.

The most interesting part of the survey was the question on what the customer would now use as their primary source for TV episodes and Movies, after canceling Netflix. The top option presented to the survey participants is peer-to-peer and Bit Torrent sites! Screenshot below (red box outline added by me for highlighting).


With Bit Torrent being the number 1 option in their survey question, this leads me to wonder: Does Netflix suspect that the people canceling their subscriptions are pirates? It’s possible, or I could just be scrutinizing the survey question & answers a bit too much.

Either way, it’s nice to see that Netflix is not scared to ask the tough questions and evaluate their business properly. On the other hand, if people really are canceling their Netflix subscriptions in favor of obtaining content through piracy, I wonder if they’d answer the survey question truthfully anyway…

Thanks to Ben for sending this in.

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