Compare telecom services like cell phones, 4g internet and more

Compare telecom services like cell phones, 4g internet and more
The hot cell phones these days are smartphones, devices that are more akin to computers rather than traditional “telephones”. In fact, more and more consumers are spending the majority of time using their phones for other uses other than talking. They surf the web, they use apps, they social network with Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and many other services.

So what’s the next hot thing in cell phones smartphones? 4G service. The majority of the newer phones on the market currently support 3G (3rd Generation) data speeds, but 4G is coming to the masses in the near future. Sprint launched the first ever 4G phone with the HTC EVO smartphone running Google Android, but the 4G service is limited to a select number of cities (and my hometown of Phoenix is not on that list, or even in the plans for future Sprint 4G rollouts).

Personally, I’m highly looking forward to Verizon’s roll-out of LTE 4G services, which are rumored to be launching nationwide in 2011. Until then, I’ll continue salivating over the lightning fast data speeds promised by 4G technology. Compare Cell Phones.

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