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Netflix to support Blu-ray exclusively

Netflix to support Blu-ray exclusively

Netflix LogoOver the remainder of the year it’s going to be increasingly more difficult to acquire HD DVD movies apparently. The leading online movie rental company, Netflix Inc., has announced they will phase out HD DVD by the end of the year. You already can’t rent HD DVD in most Blockbuster stores, so by next year it seems Blockbuster Online will be the only place to rent HD DVDs, that is unless they also follow suit. The ironic thing is many HD DVD fanatics called on a boycott of Blockbuster after they announced they would exclusively rent Blu-ray Discs in their stores last year.

“The prolonged period of competition between two formats has prevented clear communication to the consumer regarding the richness of the high-def experience versus standard definition,” said Ted Sarandos, chief content officer for Netflix. “We’re now at the point where the industry can pursue the migration to a single format, bring clarity to the consumer and accelerate the adoption of high-def.”

Netflix states that a majority of subscribers that have selected high-def rentals have chosen Blu-ray over HD DVD. No numbers were provided.

The plan is to only purchase Blu-ray Discs from here on out and to phase out the current stock of HD DVD. They did not mention if they would sell the stock off or how they plan on this.

This is really just another sign showing the obvious, HD DVD’s days are numbered. As I said before, there is no war anymore and the HD DVD holdouts are simply insurgents. This isn’t fanboy, this isn’t because I’m dedicated to any format, this is because it’s clear as day that the war is over.

Netflix’s press release says it clearly in the opening line: “With the industry now having picked a winner in the face-off between the two competing high-definition DVD formats, Netflix … will move toward stocking high-def DVDs exclusively in the Blu-ray format.”

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  1. on 11 Feb 2008 at 10:58 AM 1.Wesley Novack said …

    I really didn’t expect to see this move come from Netflix. Especially with their statements made last year that said HD DVD and Blu-ray rental demand for them was at about 50/50…

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