New Mike Judge movie now on DVD

idiThe movie “Idiocracy” was released to DVD yesterday. This movie was directed and cowritten by Mike Judge. If you enjoyed Office Space (one of my favorite movies of all time), then you should definitely consider watching Idiocracy. Mike Judge wrote and directed Office Space. He is also the man behind the infamous Beavis and Butthead series of 90’s TV fame.

Idiocracy is a movie about the future of America. An “average” American (Luke Wilson) is drafted into a government hibernation program and is awakened 500 years later. After awakening, he finds that the future American society is heavily dumb-downed and controlled by the government and corporations.

Is this where America is headed or does this movie bare some harsh similarities to the present day United States? Rumor is that FOX media pulled the movie from theaters after a limited release on the big screen. Fox also failed to promote the movie at all. No television commercials, no trailers, no previews, nothing… Fox has been known to have ties to DubbaYa. Perhaps the big nuquelar president himself asked Fox to pull the rug out from under this film? This is all speculation, but either way I am going to check out this flick. I added Idiocracy to my Blockbuster online queue yesterday.

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