Over 90,000 HD DVD players sold last weekend

Over 90,000 HD DVD players sold last weekend

VideoBusiness is reporting that over 90,000 Toshiba HD-A2 HD DVD players were sold over the weekend, thanks to a massive price-cut that occurred at stores like Walmart and Bestbuy. These stores and others had the 2nd generation HD DVD player selling for under $100, an unheard of public price for a high definition format player, until now.
HDDVDlogoThis promotion has given a massive boost to HD DVD format adoption and this is only the very beginning of the holiday shopping season! What is going to happen on Black Friday or during other ‘hot’ holiday sales? Can we expect to see the third generation HD DVD players hitting $99? No one knows for now, but I predict that the 3rd generation players will drop to at least $149 at some stores. Heck we’ve already heard reports that Sears is planning to sell the HD-A3 for $169 on Black Friday.

So will these low-cost players help HD DVD pull ahead of Blu-ray Disc in terms of content sales and format adoption? No one knows for sure at this time, but these sales are certainly helping the HD DVD format as a whole.

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