High Definition rumors squashed

High Definition rumors squashed

From the multitude of high definition format websites and communities found online, there are always a good number of rumors and theories flying around pertaining to both HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc.

Two of the more recent rumors that have shook-up the online scenes have been the talks about Warner Home Video reevaluating their dual-format high definition support and another rumor detailing plans for a new Xbox media center with an embedded HD DVD drive.

Warner denies high definition format strategy change

WarnerHighDefinitionThe SVP of Strategic Promotion and Communication for Warner Home Entertainment, Jim Noonan, spoke with HighDefDigest to dispell the recent rumor. “I can tell you that Warner’s position has not changed, and I know that Dan did not intend to suggest that wasn’t the case. We support both formats and we have made no decision to alter that policy, nor are there any such announcements coming, or being planned.”

Microsoft denies HD DVD Xbox
MicrosoftThe rumor regarding the Xbox media center with a built-in HD DVD drive has also been vehemently denied by Microsoft. Kevin Collins, the director of HD DVD evangelism stated “the company did not and will not bundle an HD DVD drive in its popular gaming console because Microsoft believes that gamers are first and foremost gamers.” You can read more about this in Home Media Magazine.

Really not really? Or really maybe?

Now that we’ve seen the official company responses to these rumors. I’d like to take a moment to state that anything is still possible. You may or may not have heard about Sony adamantly denying any type of PS3 price-cuts this year and then later issuing multiple “clearances” and price-cuts after the fact. This format war is an ever-changing battlefield and you never know what to expect next. The big Paramount HD DVD bomb is one example of a surprise announcement that no one saw coming.

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