Blu-ray Disc with BD+ back-up with Slysoft

Blu-ray Disc with BD+ back-up with Slysoft

anydvdhdbd.gifUsers of Slysoft Inc.’s AnyDVD HD have been reporting they have been able to backup Blu-ray Discs with the new advanced BD+ encryption layer. This security layer was claimed to be “unbreakable” by the Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA).

BD+ recently became available and Fox was the first to implement it on such films as The Day After Tomorrow and Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. Both HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc (BD) use the same AACS encryption but Blu-ray added another layer called BD+ with dynamic encryption keys supposed to prevent piracy, and is a selling point to the studios from the BDA.

When AACS was cracked, Fox and MGM halted their BD release schedule for six months while preparing BD+. Now that this layer is also allegedly cracked, I hope the studios don’t drop out entirely.

Currently there are numerous legal battles in the courts of North America and Europe over the legality of creating persistent copies of CSS encrypted DVDs. The Digital Millennium Copyrights Act (DMCA) makes it technically illegal to break the encryption. Previously courts have sided with the consumer’s right to back-up their owned content, so the DMCA has been challenged by consumer advocates. Ripping a copy and distributing it for non-personal use has always been considered illegal.

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5 Comments on “Blu-ray Disc with BD+ back-up with Slysoft”

  1. Will be interesting to hear what the studios
    will say when they hear about the unbreakable
    BD+ that now has been broken. 🙂

    I assume the studios have to live with this,
    because what they always miss when they creates
    harder and harder copy protection is that:

    “Any copy protection can also be broken no matter
    how good your doing it”

    Sorry studios but that’s the real life!

  2. I wonder if this BD+ defeat will cause some of the Blu-ray exclusive studios to re-evaluate their format stance. The fact of the matter is that any disc from either format can be ripped, but it is actually easier to make copies of Blu-ray Discs due to the prevalence of Blu-ray burners and media!

  3. Let’s hope they stay with Blu-ray…:)

    It would be sad to see the studios throw them away
    just because a copy protection can be broken at all time. 🙁

  4. Why throw Blu-ray away when it sales like butter..;)

    But I guess Fox doesn’t care about that,
    only the copy protection as their #1 priority.

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