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Pioneer Signature Series plasmas feature IP control

Pioneer Signature Series plasmas feature IP control

Pioneer logoI swear, this is not another post about Pioneer’s new line. This is actually a post about me tooting my own horn. I’m allowed to do this because I am great.

They should just send me truckloads of cash. Back in February I wrote about how companies should make their TVs plug directly into Crestron networks. While they’re not using the same technology I wrote about, Pioneer has added exactly this functionality into their new Signature Series plasma line.

This line was aimed at the high-end custom integrator. While part of it seems gimmicky – like the fact that these panels are “hand picked” – but they are the top tier in quality. 1080p Kuro plasmas at 2.5″ deep, plus they have advanced calibration controls to get them just right.

But the reason I’m writing today is because you now plug ethernet directly into these plasmas and they come with a Crestron module for IP control in your automation system. No slow RS-232, no more IR emitters glued to the front bezel.

Better bring me that money now.

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