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Playstation 3 receives BD-Live update

Playstation 3 receives BD-Live update

Sony Playstation 3Sony has just released version 2.20 for the Playstation 3, adding BD-Live support. BD-Live is the name used for BD2.0 online features. So far only two movies (War and Saw IV, both from Lionsgate) have BD-Live features, but more are coming (as soon as 8th April).

Also included in the update is BD-R 1.2 readability which allows for low-to-high (LTH) discs to play. These discs may use an organic dye bringing the cost of the disc down. So far LTH is only supported for BD-R, not in pre-pressed BD-ROM.

Another upgrade which is great to see is Mosquito Noise Reduction for DVDs. This reduces the artifacts seen on the edges of images. This feature is also available to home BD-R movies, but not to commercial BD-ROM discs.

The final feature I want to highlight is resume play. Now you can resume a film from where you last stopped it even if you turn the PS3 off. This works with DVD and Blu-ray, but doesn’t work with BD-Java enabled discs.

For instruction on how to find the new features int he menu, visit the official site.

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