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Preorder XStreamHD now

Preorder XStreamHD now

XStreamHD LogoBeginning today, XStreamHD will be offering their media server for preorder on their website with a $25 reservation. The balance of the $399 price will be due on April 30 when the product ships.

Now that hardware specs are out, we learn that the HD Media Server includes 1TB of storage (scalable to 4TB), three ATSC tuners for off-the-air reception, pre-fetching of content, and a ZigBee Pro remote. The server is a DLNA device, so the content can be streamed to other devices, such as their HD Media Receiver, and presumably the Sony PlayStation 3 or Microsoft Xbox 360. The PRO Media Receiver adds multi-channel analog outputs, and other features high-end systems might desire.

They are claiming same-day delivery of movies as the DVD release, but so far there is no indication as to which studios are on board.

The XStreamHD FAST Start includes an HD Media Server, an HD Media Receiver, an RF remote, plus all the cables and accessories you need for hook up. The PRO Start includes all of this, plus a PRO Media Receiver. The FAST Start will sell for $399, and the PRO Start for $499.


When XStreamHD was announced last year it seemed they had something going for them: 1080p video and lossless 7.1 audio. Now that Vudu is streaming 1080p with 5.1 audio, and new partnerships with many hardware manufacturers, it seems they have their work cut out for them.

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