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The typical smartphone user these days is a fickle creature. With the breakneck pace of technological innovation occurring in the mobile space, it’s not uncommon for the average user to acquire a new smartphone every 2 years, if not, every single year.

With Google and Apple continually innovating, adding new features that change the ways in which we use our smartphones, and releasing new versions of the venerable Android and iOS operating systems, the demand for new devices puts us in a vicious cycle of never-ending phone upgrades.

But with these continuous refreshes, we leave behind the devices of yesteryear. Often passed off as a hand-me-down or tossed into a dark drawer, sometimes never to see the light of day again, there’s a better after-life to be considered for these poor abandoned phones. Recoup some cash by utilizing a phone recycling service.


Sell your old phone at boasts the tantalizing headline of “We Buy Any Phone For Cash”. According to the site, it’s a simple 4 step process to sell your phone.

  1. Search for your phone model on their site to find the buy price.
  2. Place your order, providing your name, address, email and how you want to get paid (bank transfer or PayPal).
  3. Mail them your phone for free! They provide a free post address. You can also request a free envelope that you can use to send your phone in.
  4. Get paid. After they receive your phone, they’ll run some tests and checks. If everything passes their terms and conditions, you’ll get your cash.

The company also claims that you’ll receive an email every step of the way, ensuring that the communication channels remain open throughout the entire process.

Test driving the site

I ran a few searches to get some examples of their purchase prices. Below are my results.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus – Vodafone – Working condition
Offered price: £31.42

Apple iPhone 5S 32GB – O2 – Working condition
Offered price: £148.12

LG Google Nexus 4 8GB – Orange – Working condition
Offered price: £26.71

Because they claim that they’ll buy “any phone”, I also searched for a super oldie, the original Android powerhouse, the T-Mobile G1. Unfortunately, the device was not found on their site. Their FAQ also states that they only buy UK major manufacturers, but it also says that if you can’t find your device, drop them an email and they’ll provide you with a price.

While searching, their auto-suggest device drop-down options worked great, but their actual search page results could use some improvement. For example, if you search for “Apple iPhone 4S”, you don’t actually find that phone in the search page results.

Despite these minor frets, the site has a pleasing design, with brightly colored buttons, and is easy to navigate. If you’re in the United Kingdom and are looking to trade in an old phone for some cash, check out!

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