Ritek launches Qflix recordable DVD media

Ritek launches Qflix recordable DVD media

Advanced Media/Ritek USA sent us a press release this morning to announce the launch of Qflix recordable DVD media in North America. Here is an excerpt from the release.

“Advanced Media Inc. is pleased to announce it is an official distributor of RITEK manufactured Qflix DVDs. Home entertainment is a heavily targeted market for DVD and Blu-ray media. Now Sonic has taken DVD technology to the next level with Qflix,” said Harvey Liu, president of Advanced Media Inc. “RITEK’s strong global reputation for producing DVDs of uncompromising quality and compatibility ensures a great consumer entertainment experience regardless of whether content is manufactured on-demand to fulfill an online order, purchased through a retail kiosk, or produced in the home.”

Qflix RitekQflix Ritek

Why Qflix? Qflix DVDs are specialized discs that allow the on-demand recording of digitally distributed entertainment with CSS encryption (Content Scramble System). This is the same protection found on commercially mass-produced movie titles. Qflix DVDs can also be used by duplication system operators providing custom DVD publishing services to Internet retailers and in movie kiosks that will offer retail customers touch-screen access to vast libraries of rich content. Qflix media is also available for consumer use in the home to legally record premium entertainment downloaded from the Internet. To learn more about Qflix visit: www.qflix.com.

The full press release can be found here.

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