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SE2 Labs: Everything but the kitchen sink

SE2 Labs: Everything but the kitchen sink

If you ever wished to have all of your home theater equipment in one obtrusive, industrial monolith, your prayers have been answered. The new Utah based company SE2 Labs introduced the ITC One (not to be confused with R5-D4) at CEDIA Expo in Denver, CO last week. This 18″ W x 21″ H x 20″ D all-in-one modular system includes your choice of Microsoft X-Box 360, X-Box 360 HD DVD Player, Nintendo Wii, DirecTV, High-Def Tivo, Dish Network DVR, national cable providers DVR (including Comcast, Time Warner, Cox Cable and many more), AMX Netlinx Control System, High-End Digital Surround Processor, Bryston Pre-Amp Processor with full digital outputs, IcePower High-End D-Class Amplifiers, High-End Video Processor, Front Touchpanel Screen, Apple Video iPod with Dock, proprietary Remote Control, Power Conditioning, Transparent Cabling and Cable Harness. If that isn’t enough to make you wonder, “What the hell?” SE2 Labs has partnered with Vidikron to provide a video display, and Triad to provide the speakers.

SE2 Labs ITC OneSE2 Labs has included an integrated cooling system to keep all the compact components from bursting into a flaming ball of fire and seriously maiming you (I’m sure it’s an insurance requirement). A mechanical isolation system prevents vibrations and suppresses the noise so you can enjoy your films and near the dialog too – a killer combination. Considering it includes the notoriously loud Xbox 360, this is an important feature.

My favorite feature of the ITC One is the pre-programmed remote. The back lit clicker looks like a stylish battle cruiser right out of Star Trek. It operates on RF frequencies so you don’t have to be in the line-of-sight, unlike the typical IR type remote. It features customized macros for one touch access to the sources inside the system. It can even control your lighting system! If that isn’t good enough, there is an LCD touch screen on the front of the case to manage all functions.

To be completely fair, this is a breakthrough product with eleven registered patents. If I didn’t know any better I would think SE2 developed the TARDIS (I know what you’re thinking, TARDISes are not made, they’re grown – whatever, grow up).

You’ve been foaming at the mouth for four paragraphs for this, so I’ll get right to it. The ITC One is yours from $19,900 from an authorized custom installer (must be the world’s laziest installer to use a pre-configured theater). Run! Don’t Walk to your nearest SE2 dealer to get yours today!

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  1. on 11 Sep 2007 at 9:25 AM 1.Wesley Novack said …

    Wow, that thing is incredible. A bit out of my price range though. 😀

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