Sony BDP-S1 Blu-ray playback problems

Sony BDP-S1 Blu-ray playback problems

We have posted video footage of Blu-ray player problems on the Samsung BD-P1000 in the past. This time around, we have a clip from a user having issues with The Pirates Of The Caribbean Blu-ray Liar’s Dice game on the Sony BDP-S1 Blu-ray player.

Note: Audio was disabled on the video above by YouTube due to copyright issues.

Update that Blu-ray player firmware!

The problem is likely due to an issue with the Sony BDP-S1 players’ handling of BD-J, the interactive Blu-ray Java specifications. The author of the video appears to have updated the firmware to version 1.6, but that did not fix the playback problems as you can see from the video. Luckily, firmware update 2.0 is now available for that player, which should resolve these playback issues. You can get the 2.0 firmware update online at

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7 Comments on “Sony BDP-S1 Blu-ray playback problems”

  1. I have problems with my Sony BDP-S301 player palying the movie of the Incredible Hulk bd if any body knows of a solution. The problem is that when I select to play the movie the FBI warning comes out and then the PG-13 blue screen, but when the movie is about to start it freezes and turns off my BDP-S301.

    Any Help will be realy appreciated


  2. You should update your firmware on your BDP-S301. If that doesn’t fix the issue, return the Incredible Hulk Blu-ray Disc and try another one. Some discs are defective.

  3. I’ve had the same issues with Kung Fu Panda. I’ve returned it twice now. If it happens on the third time I’m going back to dvd

  4. I have the BDP-S350 and have recently plugged it into my home network so that I could get these “firmware” updates. My problem is that BEFORE I updated it, it worked like a champ and now, well, it will not get past the loading screen. My Bose system is saying that there is no video signal now, and I don’t get any sound either. I looked through the menu to see if there was an option to uninstall the updates, but I didn’t see anything. Is there anything that I can do to use my BDP?

  5. I would try to perform the update again. If that’s not possible, you’ll probably have to contact Sony support. I hope you’re still under warranty.

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