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Because of the jump in RSS subscribers, I thought I would take a moment to point out some of the best articles on WesleyTech.com that you may have missed. If you have not yet subscribed, feel free to do so using the Full RSS Feed.

BackupBluray rip utility released
BackupBluray Guide
Copy HD DVD freeware
DVD Fab Decrypter is now DVD Fab HD Decrypter
Blu-ray vs HD DVD replication costs revealed
Blu-ray vs HD DVD replication costs part 2
Is Star Wars coming to Blu-ray?
$1 DVD Rentals at your grocery store

I normally save the best stories on the top articles page, but some really good ones can slip through the cracks, so feel free to use the search page if you are looking for a particular topic. If you have any suggestions for the top articles page or you would like to contact us at any time, feel free to comment on the articles or use the contact form. Thanks for reading WesleyTech!

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