Blu-ray &Hardware Steven Kippel on 16 Nov 2007

Sony Blu-ray player price drop

Sony Blu-ray player price drop

Sony’s BDP-S300 Blu-ray Disc player will receive a $100 price drop next week to make an MSRP at $399, the lowest yet. Originally a sale was planned for a $100 rebate which was taken back for this new MSRP. Sony head Howard Stringer made comments about a week ago saying he expected this new price point but nothing lower, obviously they were planning this break when he made that statement.

Sony BDP-S300

There will most likely be sale prices in spite of Stringer’s remarks. One Black Friday ad for Best Buy had this player at $399 plus Spider-Man Blu-ray and a $100 gift card, bringing the total price to $299 cash value.

Blu-ray is also continuing the 5 free disc promotion through February.

The Blu-ray Disc Association keeps talking about doing whatever it takes to win this “war,” but I think they’ve got so much support and market position that if they were to really throw their weight completely behind the format this skirmish would have ended a while back. From where I sit it looks like the HD DVD side is really pushing their format and the Blu-ray side is over-confident and think it doesn’t matter what they do because the market will decide sooner or later in their favor.

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