Sony releases details on Google TV products

Sony releases details on Google TV products

Today, Sony released details of their upcoming Google TV product line. Included in the line are both HDTVs, and Blu-ray Disc players.

Sony Internet TV

The HDTV comes in four sizes: 24 ($599), 32 ($799), 40 ($999) and 46 ($1,399) inches. The LED side-lit LCD full HD 1080p HDTV availability will begin later this week.

Based on the Android OS from Google, the Internet TV will have access to the Android App Store, plus the standard Sony Internet Video. A handheld keypad with mouse will facilitate the internet browsing. WiFi is built in.


By now you should be familiar with Google TV, so I won’t get into the details again. This HDTV is fully-featured as a TV, and as a Google TV device. The TV will interface with Dish Network HD DVRs for live and recorded satellite TV.

Sony Internet TV Blu-ray Disc Player

The Blu-ray Disc player (NSZ-GT1) will also be available later this week. It will sell for $399. It feature all the same Google TV and Sony Internet Video services as the HDTV, but as a stand-alone package – plus a Blu-ray Disc player.


The Blu-ray Disc player has an HDMI input and an HDMI output. This would be for integrating the Dish Network HD DVR. It also includes three USB ports, presumably for adding a hard drive, keyboard, mouse, or other peripheral. WiFi is built in.

Both the HDTV and the BD player have support for smartphone control, both iOS and Android are supported. The software is upgradeable (it’s Android, remember?), so support for Windows 7 Mobile, WebOS and Blackberry are possible, though not confirmed.

Regardless, the remote that comes with either product is pretty sufficient, including control for the DVR even.


Both products look great! My only problem would be the cosmetics of the BD player; why is it white?

Here’s to hoping the cable providers and DirecTV jump on board!

[youtube vS0la9SmqWA]

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