Star Wars Blu-ray Disc at Amazon

Star Wars Blu-ray Disc trilogies at Amazon
We have heard the rumors before, but up until now there has been no concrete evidence or official statements made that would confirm whether or not the Star Wars trilogies will appear on the Blu-ray Disc format. Many fans and enthusiasts have been speculating that Star Wars would appear on either HD DVD or Blu-ray Disc in celebration of the 30th year anniversary of Star Wars, which is this year. Looking at the past history of Star Wars releases, many claim that George Lucas has a track record for cautiously and slowly adopting new formats. After all, the original Star Wars trilogy took quite a long time to appear on the DVD format.

But it could all be different for the next generation, blue laser DVD formats. Right now, has product pages up for BOTH the Star Wars trilogies in the Blu-ray Disc format. The first and second trilogy each have their own page, with a current status of “we will e-mail you when this title becomes available”.



Blu-ray fans and Sony PS3 owners rejoice! It appears that the worlds’ most famous intergalactic saga is coming your way. If the Star Wars trilogies do appear on the Blu-ray Disc format soon, could this be a catalyst that triggers even larger adoption rates for Blu-ray over HD DVD? Only time will tell. Found via CDRLabs.

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18 Comments on “Star Wars Blu-ray Disc at Amazon”

  1. They’re not going to make it blu-ray exclusive yet, if they’re not going to wait 8 years, they’ll release it on both to make more money. And they’ll release their fucked up version and maybe fuck it up more and once everyone buys that they’ll release the real version.

  2. This website acts like it was never gonna come to Blu Ray. Hello, dumby. Fox is supporting Blu Ray so it was gonna come to that format anyways so this isnt new news. WOW, people are so dumb these days..

  3. Getting Star Wars onto Blu Ray will be the best thing to happen to Sony sense D~A hacked the psp and got them selling.

  4. I you check Amazon, there are loads of movies on both formats listed that aren’t announced. Braveheart, Indiana Jones, etc.

  5. I feel the Conflict! Where Is the Star Wars Collection in Blu Ray??
    It is Pointless To Resist! Please Lucas Films Please! Release your Hate! & Let Go Of Your Anger!

  6. Lucas said that they would be releasing an archival version of all 6 films on blue ray. He said this in ’98 when they were still working on the first prequel.

  7. Yes it would be cool to see Star Wars on Blu-Ray DVDS with so much storage space they can put a lot of extras and fetures as well on the blu-ray dvds. they should released the star wars I to VI and the indiana jones box set on to blu-ray dvds. thank hope see it soon.

  8. Sorry I dont care if it does come in Blue Ray I own 4 Sets of the Original Trilogy and it’s variations through the years, I’m not looking forward to having another. Actually, I look forward to the Sequels 7,8,9. Thats where my hard earned money is gonna go.

  9. Hey Ivan… According to everything I have ever read about Star Wars sequels, your going to be waiting till the end of time at this point. 7 8 and 9 will never be from what I have read. But have fun waiting the rest of your life for them. LOL

  10. For godssake, even has a freakin’ Darth Vader Toaster…yes, a toaster, but good ole George won’t release the movies on Blu-Ray yet….I used to respect him, but he’s just a JERK now!

  11. I’m not really sure if there is plans to release Star Wars on blu-ray disc yet. However George, please include these versions.(1) Original in 1.85:1.DTS 7.1. (2) Original in 2.45:1 also with the same audio.(3) That late 1990’s version with the enhanced digital scenes, probably wont matter what the aspect ratio of that version is. Why do it like this? I want my big old sony’s screen filled with beautyful star wars blu ray imagery. I dont want black bars,pan-n-scan,dolby digital, or Han Solo getting shot at by Greedo in that bar scene. Or I’ll do with-out.

  12. How pointless was this article? Look at the date. The fact that Amazon has a listing for a popular (or cult) movie in a format to which it has yet to be released means just about nothing, except of course that it’s almost inevitable that a video with such built-in demand will *eventually* be released in that format. At least it’s a fairly safe bet.

    But as of June 2009 there’s no release date announced, so it’s anyone’s bet *when* that version will be released at last. Chances are Lucas will decide that he needs to redo the effects again, now that technology will allow even more fun stuff to be added, and offer a way to make a whole new pile of cash from the “remastered, reimagined” re-re-re-release.

    I’m with the guy wishing he would have decided to make episodes 7, 8 and 9 instead.

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