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suwit-muay-thai1Muay Thai or Thai Kick Boxing, is a martial art or form of one-on-one sport combat that utilizes punches, vicious knee attacks, elbow strikes, thrust kicks with the foot and kicks that aim to slap your opponent with the shin bone. One of the premier “Stand up” Martial Arts that has been adopted by many if not all Mixed Martial Artists (Cage fighters), Muay Thai is a must know for basic street self defense. Beyond the obvious self-defense benefits lie great health side effects that come with the intense cardio needed for practice of the art form. Muay Thai is designed for everyone, ranging from the extreme hardcore Martial Artist to the average day Joe looking for some serious lifestyle change. is set up with an easy interface to navigate the page. Full of pictures, some video, and filled with tons of useful information related to the sites gym, training technique, history of Thailand and VISA info needed to visit the beautiful country.

suwit-muay-thai2Suwit Training Camp is named after their native Thailand owner Mr. Suwit, as most gyms are traditionally in Thailand. Suwit Training Camp offers a training camp where you are housed in a room located no farther than 25 meters from the gym.  A room with a fan along with gym training runs 11,000 baht per month (360 US dollars, 272 euro) or, a room with air conditioning costs 14,500 baht per month (474 US dollars, 358 euro) plus electricity. If one month is too long, they also offer daily and weekly training and housing as well. Training is done twice a day and Suwit boasts a full size Muay Thai ring along with three other smaller training rings. Training sessions are fairly private with no more than five people per instructor. The website also says to contact them for VIP training and it really looks like they try to accommodate everyone to suit their comfort. They even have a pool located just outside the rooms, for your ultimate relaxation.

Suwit is located on Thailand’s largest island of Phuket. Filled with a plethora of beautiful beaches and tourist attractions Phuket is a world wide destination for travelers about. Suwit Training Camp looks to be the perfect getaway destination with what looks to be an authentic Thailand gym and name. You’ll be busy all day with two-a-day training, beaches, exploring their rich culture, and their Muay Thai event that they hold at the gym every Friday also free to you as a trainee at this wonderful camp. Suwit Training Camp makes a strong case for your ultimate getaway destination, designed to keep you in shape and attentive with a focus completely undivided. To learn more, visit them at

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