The 10 Best Virtual Reality Games You Can Play Right Now

Virtual Reality (VR) has taken over every industry.  Even casino sites have some great VR games on offer! Take a look at VR Casino Guide to learn about the exciting world of virtual reality casino experiences!

Then, there are some VR games that go beyond imagination to teleport you to a dimension so vivid that distinguishing between what’s real and what’s not becomes impossible. So, put on your VR headsets and gear up to enter into a completely different world with these gems we have compiled for you. 

The Best of Both Worlds 

Beat Saber

In this widely accepted VR game, players can slash blocks, avoid bombs, duck obstacles with lightsabers. The VR game turns into a fun workout without disrupting your schedule. 

The slick music playing in the background adds to the overall feel of the environment. Along with every cube you get an arrow indicating the direction in which it must be slashed. After slashing the cubes emit colorful sparks that give the game a futuristic effect. 

The Climb

Another VR marvel, this game will set you free from the fear of heights or escalate it. Either way, one thing remains certain; entertainment. To experience the extremities of hanging high above the ground and a solo rock climbing excursion, The Climb provides players the safest and most realistic opportunity. 

Currently available for Oculus Touch and HTC Vive controllers, this game lets you scale mountain ranges from around the world. Watching a 3D movie may seem exciting but the exhilaration this game offers cannot be matched. 

Minecraft VR

For all the Minecraft lovers, Microsoft collaborated with Mojang and Oculus Rift to bring together Minecraft and Virtual Reality. Already a huge game spread across multiple platforms, the game is now available for all Oculus Rift owners too. The idea behind the virtual building game remains the same but with the VR touch, it becomes even more engaging. As long as you’re ready to accept the same old game with a realistic twist, Minecraft is a great option. 

Gran Turismo Sport

Gearheads watch out, the most realistic racing game in the market is here. Gran Turismo Sport fits the description with its impeccable authenticity. From vehicles to the lifelike locations bring out the racer in you making it one of the best virtual reality games at present.

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