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Toshiba to give in on Blu-ray?

Toshiba to give in on Blu-ray?

Toshiba logoAfter Toshiba gave up the fight in the format war, they vowed to remain in the standard DVD business and would not support Blu-ray. But perhaps watching from the sidelines while all of the other CE companies collect new profits from Blu-ray Disc isn’t sitting well with them; after all, they did lose $1-billion in the format war.

Last week, the president of Toshiba, Atsutoshi Nishida said, “It makes no sense to decide not to enter the Blu-Ray market simply because we lost the DVD-format war. We cannot change the fact that we lost, but we would like to keep our options open.”

The main focus for now seems to be on Blu-ray recorders, but I would imagine they will enter the consumer electronics market in the US with dedicated players as recorders generally don’t sell well here. (Maybe a Blu-ray player as capable and affordable as Toshiba HD DVD players?!)

After losing almost $4-billion last quarter, it’s no wonder Toshiba is looking for new revenue streams.

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