Blu-ray &Hardware Steven Kippel on 23 Jul 2009

Toshiba to release Blu-ray player

Toshiba to release Blu-ray player

Toshiba logoIt was previously reported that Toshiba, the backer of competing format HD DVD, was considering joining the Blu-ray market. It appears this is accurate; the Japanese company will release a Blu-ray player later this year.

With an expected 112% increase in Blu-ray player sales this year, it seems like an obvious move by Toshiba to grab their share of these sales. Other consumer electronics manufacturers are also leveraging Blu-ray to sell their HDTVs. It’s reported Toshiba will also promote Blu-ray Disc players as a value-added product, possibly throwing it in for free with the purchase of a television.

I would speculate the Blu-ray player would be a Samsung design with the Toshiba badge.

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