Blu-ray &Software Steven Kippel on 22 Apr 2009

Trade-in Warner HD DVDs for Blu-ray Disc

Trade-in Warner HD DVDs for Blu-ray Discs

In the most consumer-minded move since initially dropping support for HD DVD, Warner Bros. is now offering a trade-in program for some of your old HD DVD titles. Called Red2Blu, the program costs $4.95 plus shipping per disc.

This program is only for select Warner Bros. titles only, with 128 listed on the website. You pick the movie from the list, mail in the original box cover and they mail out the Blu-ray version within a few weeks.


The only poor part is shipping is $6.95. But this shipping charge will cover multiple discs, so make sure to do all of them at once if you plan to do this.

You can begin your trade-ins at

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