Universal Studios HD DVD, Blu-ray contract break?

Universal Studios to go HD DVD and break Blu-ray contract?
Heise online, a very popular and reputable German news source, is reporting that Universal Studios has decided to end the HD DVD exclusivity contract. If this holds true and is confirmed by Universal Studios, this could have a MAJOR impact in the Blu-ray versus HD DVD next generation format war. In fact, this could effectively end the blue laser format war. Universal Studios is the last standing major Hollywood studio that is exclusive to the HD DVD format. All other major Hollywood studios support both HD DVD and Blu-ray or they are exclusive to Blu-ray Disc. Here is an excerpt from the Heise report, translated via Google language tools.

UniversalStudios“In the context of a press meeting representatives of the Blu ray advocate maintained Pioneer that universal Home Entertainment stepped out of the exclusive contract with the Hp-DVD-camp and/or its largest representatives on the hardware side Toshiba. Thus the Studio quit the agreement, the notice is not only not effective allegedly already. If this report should be confirmed, thereby the way would be free for film publications on the competition medium Blu ray Disc for universal (in the long run). Above all however the hp DVD graduation Group would lose their only remaining exclusive supporter after Paramount and Warner under Hollywood Studios.”

Blu-ray representatives making the claim
From the Heise report, it appears that Blu-ray representatives are making the claim, which still leaves room for Universal Studios to deny the reports. We’ll have to wait to hear from Universal Studios directly before anything is 100% official. If Universal Studios confirms this news, there will be little to no reason for anyone to buy into the HD DVD format. With all major studios supporting Blu-ray and some exclusive Blu-ray content, the Blu-ray Disc format will be the obvious choice. Personally, I will probably go out and buy myself a Blu-ray Disc player if Universal confirms this news. I imagine this news is going to make a lot of early HD DVD adopters plenty mad. News on Heise via CDRLabs.

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