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Universal to release Blu-ray/DVD flipper disc

Universal to release Blu-ray/DVD flipper disc

Universal Studios was the largest exclusive HD DVD studio supporter, and one of the reasons was the HD DVD/DVD dual-sided disc with high-def on one side and standard-def on the other. Coming 19 January 2010, Universal will be the first to release a Blu-ray Disc/DVD flipper disc.

The initial movies released on this new technology will be all three Jason Bourne titles: The Bourne Identity, The Bourne Supremacy, and The Bourne Ultimatum.

UniversalWith a combo disc, a user can watch the high-def movie on their Blu-ray player at home, and the DVD side on their laptop, in the car, or the kid’s room. Universal also touts this as a way to “future proof” your library if you are not yet a Blu-ray player owner.

I am concerned that these new BD/DVD flippers will suffer some of the same problems that the HD DVD/DVD versions had. Toshiba (the leader of the HD DVD camp) blamed authoring, and the studios blamed firmware in the players, but the fact is some discs just had to be replaced, making it seem as though there were issues with the format itself.

And don’t forget the DualDisc with a DVD on one side and CD on the other. These often would not play in CD players.

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