Entertainment &Hardware Steven Kippel on 13 Dec 2007

VUDU adds TV programming

VUDU adds TV programming

If you haven’t heard of VUDU yet, it’s about time you did. It’s basically a small box not much larger than an AppleTV which streams over 2,000 (currently) movies over a broadband connection to your TV. Recently they’ve worked a deal to provide digital copies of Universal Studio’s Bourne Identity pre-loaded on the box in high-def.

Today they have added TV content which you can watch at $1.99. Shows include, 24, Arrested Development, Family Guy, Firefly, NYPD Blue, Prison Break and Shark, amongst others. This is pretty cool.


Movie rentals through VUDU range from $0.99 to $3.99 depending on title. You can also purchase a movie which downloads to the unit from $4.99 too $19.99. The box sells for $399 with no subscription fee.

This box comes with a unique remote control, but you can also control it via PC or touchpanel. Currently they don’t have a program you can install but they provide documentation and codes for integration.

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