Wal-Mart chooses Blu-ray – Updated

Wal-Mart chooses Blu-ray

Wal-Mart logoIn case you didn’t think the format war was over, this should be the final word on the topic: Wal-Mart chose Blu-ray this morning. Now with the number one retailer for high-def media (Best Buy) behind Blu-ray and, and the number two (Wal-Mart), it’s only a matter of time before the entire retail industry is behind Blu-ray. We’ve already heard that Circuit City has Toshiba HD DVD players on clearance.

Come June Wal-Mart will only stock Blu-ray Disc players and movies in high-def. This coincides with Warner’s move to drop HD DVD in June as well. Susan Chronister, the movie buyer for Wal-Mart, said “I am very excited about this news!! This decision will make my job so much easier.”

I don’t imagine I’ll have to write any more about this “war,” that is until Toshiba admits they’ve lost. But until then, we’ll keep writing about new trends in technology. I’ll write a few more “how to” guides as well.

Update: Read the press release on WalMartFacts.com. An interesting note, the press release claims there will be a “predominant move towards Blu-ray” in “less than 30 days.”

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4 Comments on “Wal-Mart chooses Blu-ray – Updated”

  1. It seems every time a company drops HD DVD support that the HD DVD fanboys commit to a boycott of that company. I wonder how they’ll subsist when everyone drops HD DVD.

  2. Well according to NHK news in Japan Toshiba will pull out of the race for the Jpn market. Toshiba has stopped the production of all HD-DVD related products for the Jpn market leaving Bluray as the winner in the format war. This however is only related to standalone HD-DVD players and recorders atm.

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