Warner Archive instant streaming

Warner Archive instant streaming

You may be thinking there are too many streaming options on your Roku player already, so why would you want one more? If you’re a fan of classic films from the golden age, or even the silver age, you might want to consider Warner Archive.

Archive Instant streams from a vast library of Warner film and TV properties from the 1920s through the 1990s to a PC browser window or a Roku 2 or 3 box for $9.99 per month. Yes, it’s more expensive than Netflix, Hulu Plus or Redbox, but the selection of classic films is second-to-none. If you are a fan of Bogart, Robinson or Cagney (and who isn’t?), they’ve got them. If you want to explore pre-code dramas, they’ve got those too.

Scanning through the titles, I’m overwhelmed with the selection. I’m dumbfounded at the number of Laurel & Hardy movies are available (personal favorites) – I thought I’ve seen them all! I was wrong.

Warner Archive was created when Warner Brothers began restoring old films (from Warner Bros., MGM, RKO and Allied Artist) with digital 4k and 8k scans and they decided to make them available. As a result, most of the available movies are in 1080p.

A two-week free trail is available, and if you haven’t explored classic film or TV before – maybe you’re home sick with the flu – get an account and check it out. Start with Hondo, The Finger Points, Point Blank and Cosa Nostra, explore the tough guy noir, and definitely check out the comedy section loaded with George Burns, Dean Martin, Richard Pryor, Peter Sellers and so many more.

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