What are you going to do about the economy?

What are you going to do about the economy?

Yeah, the economy sucks. We all know this. I’m sure we all know someone who lost their job this past year, or maybe facing a job cut later this year. I’m sure you’ve started buying more groceries and eating out less too.

So… What are you going to do about the economy?

So many companies are struggling to pay the bills they’re getting desperate for work. So many real properties are selling for a fraction of what they used to go for. It’s a buyer’s market.

Recently I discovered a high-end custom installation AV job I worked on just made it on the cover of one of the ultra-rich ego-stroking magazines this year. It’s an amazing house that cost over $55-million. But I’ll tell you what, this guy who owns the property made his billions investing in times just like this. Property values are so low, and interest rates are as well. Three years ago my brother-in-law bought a two bedroom house here in California for $200,000. Two weeks ago his neighbor’s house, a four bedroom, sold at auction for $50,000. A small investment made now can pay off in time.


But you don’t come here to read investment advice… what about movies? Well, right now is a great time to invest in your home theater as well. File taxes, get that tax return, and what the hell – blow it.

Every other week I get an email from a vendor with price cuts for their high-def LCD displays. The retailers are offering even further cuts. We’re also right in the middle of the model crossover to 2009 models so 2008 models are selling for a song (check out how cheap Pioneer Kuros are selling for now!).

You might not make your millions buying a bigger plasma TV, but you’ll enjoy life that much more while you wait for things to turn around.

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